• Al Sur Company established in 2003, immediately after the change that have occurred in that year, and the need for a private sector participation in all activities that serve the public interest, including the establishment of private security companies. Al Sur Security and Risk management was part one the first list of companies to receive a Private Security Company (PSC) licenses in Iraq. As part of the Muften Group of companies we have a long tradition in providing quality of service, delivered in a  cost-effective package in support of our clients.


  • From our years of experience and our success in the tasks entrusted to our company with pride, we are ready to provide our clients with all the needs they require in security and safety detail in the region. 


  • The company licensed by the Iraqi Interior Ministry (41) & has professional international & local expertise in high-level training and is capable of carrying out the tasks to the fullest.


  • Our current management restructures and an asset enables us to fully support our clients across the whole of Iraq. 


  • We fully adhere to the international code of conduct for security companies (ICOC) & (ISO ) and all international and local laws and regulations.

        ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety

   ISO 14001 - Environmental management

 ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

Our Objectives


  • Our company Al-Sur Security aims to provide security services around the clock, and so out of the keenness of the founding her to participate in establishing the foundations of security and stability in the land of Mesopotamia efforts. And to this end it has adopted our company, which is the first specialized Iraqi company in the field of protection and security the latest technologies in the field of security technology and protection to use and attract the best talent and technical and human possibilities elected meticulously to carry out business and tasks assigned to them.


  • Security organizations set goals and objectives that will enable them to build a long-term. To achieve that, they must attract customers and build relationships with them. They also must recruit and retain employees who are capable of delivering a quality service. To maintain profitable revenue streams, they must develop services that are essential to their customers. Although the security industry covers a broad spectrum of activities from personal and physical security to information security, the goals and objectives for security organizations are consistent across all sectors.

Our Vision


By our system of hand selection of personnel and equipment to our ability to support our clients in a transparent and cost-effective manner without comprising safety Al Sur Security and Risk Management seeks to be at the very top of our client›s plans when conducting business in Iraq, we aim to be the pinnacle of security services in Iraq. We believe that “team work & time management” is the success key in any field and they are main features are used in an integrated environment, from which we can coordinate and manage hundreds of open projects at any given time. Our strategy put the beneficiaries of the customers in the first place at all times, and recognizes that: this is the only route towards a successful, not just for our reputation but for prosperity of our Country and customer’s satisfaction and that is the target for us.