We support companies with short and long-term solutions to secure their people and assets. Whether you need security advice to plug in and support your team or whether you need a full security plan, our internationally experienced security team is able to streamline your requirements and ensure ultimate security management.

Our technical expertise, on the ground network, assets in the country, and experienced team help ensure our clients’ assets and resources are safe and secure. We focus on ensuring your safety so you can continue with your day-to-day business.


Whether companies need Ad-hoc support or a long-term plan

  • Review and analysis
  • Security consultancy and strategic business intelligence
  • Risk assessment and crisis management training
  • Security awareness 
  • Personnel and asset protection ( local / International lead ) 
  • Door-to-door journey management
  • Meet and greet services in Baghdad and Basra
  • Secure accommodation in Baghdad and Basra
  • Technical security consultancy and project management
  • Passes and visas required to access oilfields around Basra
  • Brand new fleet of B6 armoured vehicles Un-armoured 
  • Guard Force 
  • K9 patrol & search 
  • Logistical support to projects
  • Site supervision and management 
  • Visa 
  • Compliance 
  • Travel Agent Booking 
  • Hotel Booking 


Life support

ALSUR can offer a full range of life support services ensuring clients enjoy hotel-style accommodation, housekeeping and catering services: